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    What we really like about Stickleback is that the quality of the fish we receive is excellent, and better than the other fish suppliers we have tried in the past. Stickleback provide us with the freshest, highest quality fish and we are able to delight our customers with when we present them with our dishes.

    Having Matt as our account manager is fantastic, as he gives us expert advice on good options for our menus. He lets us know about the availability of the fish we select, and the specific information regarding each of our fish choices, so that we can make the best dishes for our customers. This ensures that our customers keep coming back to us again and again.

    In the past, other suppliers have disappointed us because they have sold us some great fish one week, and I have created a dish to suit that product. Then the next week the supplier has said to me that the availability of that fish has diminished, leaving me to start over again. We appreciate that to have the same fish available to us over a season is demanding, but Stickleback are able to inform us of the best choices based on quality, value and availability using their industry expertise.

    The service we receive from Stickleback is excellent. The drivers at Stickleback very reliable, extremely efficient, dressed smartly, and they pay careful attention to the hygiene of the product by wearing gloves when they are handling our fish delivery.

    We love to have fish on our menu that has been sourced from the British Isles and Stickleback are able to meet our needs in this area, and they also have plenty in terms of their range and variety of fish products they can offer us.

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Epic Pub Company