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Royal Masonic School for Girls

  • Description

    We started working with The Stickleback Fish Company in 2013. We wanted to find a supplier who could give us the high levels of personal service we expect, and Stickleback are able to provide for us on this basis.

    What we really like about Stickleback is that when I call in with an order or an enquiry I know exactly who I’m talking to. Our dedicated account manager calls us regularly to let us know about upcoming seasonal offers, and to keep in touch with our business needs and requirements. She manages a number of school accounts and so understands my needs – portion sizes, ordering procedures etc.

    Our deliveries are always scheduled to our requirements as requested. We then have peace of mind knowing our deliveries should arrive as requested.

    The products we buy from Stickleback are tailored to suit our needs as a school. When we introduce a new menu the products we select have to fit within our budgetary and menu planning guidelines (fry policies, allergen criteria and any specific product requirements). Having set menus, we are limited by the range of products we can buy, however, when we have private functions, we are really able to take advantage of the wide range of products that Stickleback make available to us.

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    Client:Royal Masonic School for Girls