9th March 2020

The Stickleback Fish Company Ltd 


Our Best Practice Promise Regarding the Current COVID-19 (coronavirus strain) Issue

The emergence of the COVID-19 virus may be causing concern amongst customers. We are monitoring the situation carefully and regularly, with the health and safety of our customers, suppliers, visitors and staff as our priority. Our approach is to keep abreast daily of all the facts as they emerge and most importantly embrace all the official advice as more is known. This includes the use of the NHS web sites and information from Government organisations.

As the global situation and official advice regarding the response to the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, we will update our web site with further information on our latest position.

Customer confidence is the hallmark of our success and is the most precious factor in our business management and development plans. It is important to everyone at Stickleback Fish that our customers have confidence in our use of best practice in managing and processing our products.  In normal circumstances our standards of hygiene pass all recommended and statutory requirements and beyond, something our production team are rightly proud of. We will continue to adopt the best practices and modify them as further advice becomes available.


Certainly, it is felt that, as with all such previous coronaviruses, that cooking to normal/common food safety temperatures will kill the virus.

We are in daily contact with our suppliers to ensure our supply is safe.


We will continue to monitor the well-being of our employees especially when returning to work from illness or holidays. They have received advice about the virus and symptoms to be vigilant for.


Our Diligence Agenda:

  • Monitor product countries of origin and apply authoritative guidance
  • Review audit status of all suppliers
  • Constantly assess the risk of food fraud
  • Minimise business travel and visitor frequency
  • If required, facilitate self-isolation amongst staff
  • Ensure return to work is medically certified
  • Continued use of our ‘return to work’ forms after holidays & absence


My promise to you is that we will keep vigilant to the issue and re-act as advised embracing all official guidance on both product management and personnel practices.



Ross Arnold, Managing Director