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    Stickleback has been our supplier partner since 2006. Prior to this, we worked with several fish wholesalers who were not able to support our growing business. With previous suppliers, we had no consistency of product, and the levels of value and service that we expect were not met.

    Our philosophy is to combine an ethical, high-welfare, value-driven approach with a passionate commitment to providing first class food and service to every diner. We rely on Stickleback to meet our needs in the areas of quality, value and sustainability by providing us with fish that meets our exacting standards.

    We are delighted that Stickleback is guided by the principles of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), meaning that the fresh fish they provide is from sustainable stocks and caught by ecologically-friendly methods. They also have the MSC Chain of Custody, which means that MSC-certified products they supply to us can be traced from their source. This traceability element is very important to us and our customers. If Stickleback couldn’t meet our requirements in this area, we would find another supplier as we are committed to protecting fish stocks and ensuring a healthy future for the oceans.

    It is very important that we receive a fresh fish delivery six days a week, which Stickleback is able to offer on a consistent basis. The fish arrives on time, in reusable crates, and is prepared to our specification. We have little cause to follow up on orders that are wrong, as the Stickleback team are consistent in what they deliver. They arrive when they say they will arrive, the delivery meets the quality levels that we expect as a top-end restaurant, and we are very impressed with the overall standard.

    Having our own account manager is important to us because we know that if something does go wrong, or we need something rectified immediately, we have got a direct point of contact with someone who will do their best to resolve the situation. It is reassuring for us to have a dedicated person who is responsible for our account and good to know that if we ask for something, Stickleback will provide it.

    There are five key factors which all work together and are equally important in giving us what we require from a fish supplier. Stickleback meets our needs on: price, quality, freshness, consistency and the administration behind the delivery. All of these need to work seamlessly to make sure we can satisfy diners who expect the best from us, therefore we expect the best from the Stickleback team and they consistently deliver.

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